Environment Editor

A programme for editing the enviroment and launching shell's.

1) Editing enviroment (User, System & Process - Lanch) variables.

2) Edit individual elements of PATH variable (and similar). Can change values with "Browse for Directory"  or "Browse for File" .

The Edit View - Red items  will be removed and Blue items  will be added (see Run Dialog below).
The Run Dialog Set the tool (shell) to run, the directory to run in and wether to merge in the Edit View Above.

The SendToDialog . Create New SendTo item in the currently logged on users SendTo folder (or

a sub folder). The shgell that will be run is set in the above dialog and the current edit state needs to be saved, use File|save or File|Save As or use the [Save As] button below. Give the SendTo item a Name and click [Ok] Ok.