An implementation of a tuple type, A tuple is an an aggragation of types with each element indexed by a compile time integer constant.

This differs from a struct which is an aggragation where elements (members) are accessed by a compile time name (aka identifier).

ntuple<> is a wrapper (in this case it is derived from) an underlying tuple, this underlying tuple isn't restricted to 8 arguments as ntuple<> is. All of ntuple's functionality is in reality functionality of the underlying tuple.

The underlying tuples type is exposed through ntuple<>'s type member typedef.

Tuples with more than 8 elements can be declared with ntuple<>'s cat<> and cat_tuple<> member template's. Tuple with more than 8 elements can be created with ntuple<>'s operator << ()

Basic Declaration

imp::ntuple< int, double, bool > idb( 1, 2.0, false );

Test Result: gcc34 Passed, msvc80 Passed, msvc71 Passed

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